Twitter Hails Rajasthan Teens Who Fought Off Armed Poachers To Protect Wildlife

The Government of India enacted the Wildlife (Protection) Act in 1972 to prevent poaching, smuggling and illegal trade in wildlife and its derivatives. But, illegal hunting of animals is still taking place in several cities across the country. However, for every poacher, there is one conscientious person doing all it takes to protect the wild animals.

Mukesh Bishnoi, a 15-year-old from Balesar village, Jodhpur, is one such person who didn’t think twice before facing two armed poachers to protect the wildlife around his village.

According to NDTV, on the night of 10th May, while he was out, Mukesh heard gunshots. That’s when he rushed to the spot and came face to face with two poachers armed with a licensed 303 rifle. The poachers had just hunted a Chinkara (Indian gazelle).

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Showing immense courage, the class 10 student, along with two of his friends decided to confront them. After giving them a tough fight, the school kids were able to overpower the armed poachers. However, the poachers managed to escape leaving their guns behind. They also took the dead Chinkara along with them.

The story of Mukesh’s bravery was shared on Twitter.

People online praised Mukesh and his friends for showing tremendous courage to protect wildlife.

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It is commendable how these teenagers didn’t think twice before risking their lives to save wildlife. More power to these young men for setting up such a positive example.

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