4-Month-Old Kerala Stray Dog Ready To Fly To Switzerland After Being Adopted By Tourists

With so much craze around foreign dog breeds, we sometimes forget that our very own Indie dogs make very good pets. They are able to adapt to different weather and food conditions, are brilliant guard dogs, and also have a loving temperament.

Two generous tourists from Switzerland realised it after visiting Kerala and fell in love with a 4-month-old stray dog in Munnar. According to a report by The New Indian Express, the duo is to take the dog with them back home to Switzerland.

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Alan and Johny came across Nandi, the 4-month-old stray dog, roaming around in a landfill in Munnar. The cute puppy-eyes of Nandi stole their hearts and the duo decided to take Nandi along with them to feed and bathe him.

However, within a short span of time, Alan and Johny grew extremely attached to the dog. They were the ones to name him ‘Nandi’ and decided to take him to Switzerland.

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The duo then started inquiring about the procedure. They left Munnar and went to Varkala and took Nandi along. On their way, they visited the District Veterinary Hospital.

“We first implanted a microchip behind his neck for identification. Then we gave him anti-rabies vaccine and a multicomponent vaccine against nine diseases,” said a doctor at the hospital.

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For now, Nandi’s blood samples have been collected because he needs to pass a blood test. However, it will take time for the reports to arrive and the entire procedure to get done with. Alan and Johny were supposed to return to Switzerland early but they stayed back for Nandi. They will be flying back along with the dog.

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What a beautiful tale of love! We hope Nandi gets to have a loving home in Switzerland!