Woman Gets Drunk & Goes To Bed, Man Tries To Take Advantage. But Her Awesome Dog Saves Her!

I firmly believe that dogs are the best creation of God. From being your best friend to loving you unconditionally, there is so much a dog has to offer to its hooman. They might not be gifted with the ability to speak, but they come blessed with a sixth sense and an enormous heart which won’t think twice before coming to your aid.

Don’t believe us? Take some time to read this story of a woman, who had her dog as her superhero after a party at a friend’s place, on a certain night.

Taking to Reddit, user @u/flourpwr decided to narrate an episode that could have gone horribly wrong, without her dog. She took us back to a time when she was at her friend’s place for a night out and had tagged her dog along.

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“Sorry in advance for any rambling. I’m not sure who to talk to about this, or if I’m just making it a bigger deal then it is. Also on mobile.”

“I went to hang out with my friend last night, just a girls night with some wine. I brought my dog with me because I hate leaving her alone and with wine night there was a chance I would be staying over anyways.”

The party also had her friend’s boyfriend and his friends, which wasn’t a problem for the lady as they enjoyed a gala time drinking and playing games.

However, after the crazy time they had, she went off to sleep in her friend’s guest room with her pants off. Her dog, who was a darling throughout the night gelling with everyone else, stayed with her in the room.

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“Thing did get crazy pretty quickly last night and her boyfriend invited his friends over after dinner. It wasn’t a big deal, we all had a merry time drinking, playing games etc.”

“I don’t remember going to bed, I just remember being in the guest room with my pants off falling asleep, just me and my dog.”

Everything was fine until one of his friends came in and tried to get into the bed. Despite the girl asking him to back off several times, he tried to get close everytime. That’s when her little doggy came to her rescue. In a bid to scare the guy away, he barked and growled at him aggressively. Of course, that was enough to do the work.

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“And then there was a moment when one of his friends opened the door. He kept trying to get into bed with me and I remember saying no, get out. He kept pushing though and walked to the bed and that’s when my dog lost it. Barking, snarling, showing teeth. He got out of there quick and I fell asleep.”

And guess what? The dog did not sleep the whole night protecting the woman.

“I can’t help but to feel like she saved me last night. I don’t think she slept a wink because when I came home this morning she went directly to bed and has slept since we got home.”

“She’ll be getting lots of love and treats today.”

Here is her entire post:

My dog saved me from making a bad decision last night. from offmychest

Superheroes don’t always come in capes, sometimes all they have is four paws and a wagging tail. <3