SRK And Kajol At An Event Were Like Two BFFs Sitting On The Last Bench, Having Crazy Fun!

For 90s kids, there was no life lesson more impressionable and life-altering than when a ‘cool’ college guy Rahul proclaimed, “Pyaar dosti hai“.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, or, for that matter, DDLJ, K3G, and Dilwale, all because of my unwavering obsession with the evergreen jodi of Kajol and SRK!

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These two are on-screen couple goals, co-star goals, BFF goals, OTP (One True Pair) goals and, well, basically just #GOALS! It wasn’t uncommon for their fans to hope that in an alternate universe, SRK and Kajol were truly in love and had a happily ever after.

However, in this reality, they’re the best of friends and keep giving their fans enough PDF (Public Display of Friendship) moments to keep’em going!

SRK and Kajol made an appearance at the ongoing Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) 2017, and brought their BFF A-game along!

The Badshah of Bollywood, being West Bengal’s official brand ambassador, is an attendee every year. And Kajol too, is quite a regular sight at the festival.

So what do two close friends, sitting on a stage, before hundreds of people and flashing cameras, do? You’d expect SRK and Kajol to be all grace and poise. Instead, they resembled two best friends sitting on the last bench and having their own crazy fun!

1. What do you do when your girl bestie has to climb a flight of stairs wearing a saree and possibly heels? You be the perfect gentleman like King Khan here and help her up!

2. Looks like Kajol had trouble understanding something that was being said….

… SRK must’ve been his usual witty self because it really cracked Kajol up!

3. Their synchronicity is equally amazing! The same thing catches their fancy and they find similar things funny!

4. As the girl BFF, it’s your responsible for making sure your guy BFF is well-groomed all the time! Kajol doesn’t seem like a Jabra fan of SRK’s hair! She wants to fix it!

5. If you haven’t ever sneaked up on your friend, snatched their phone and randomly messaged their friends nonsense things, are you really even best friends?

6. You know that time when you’re making mischief and your teacher catches you and asks your friend to shift to another seat? SRK and Kajol had their giggle on all night!

Their turns at the mic may have paused their chatter for a while but we’re sure they were at it for the rest of the evening!

Doesn’t it make you wish you were sitting next to them, eavesdropping on what seems like a hilarious conversation between two people who’ve been friends forever?

Please make some more movies together, guys! We have loads of pyaar for your dosti! #RahulAndAnjaliForever

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