SRK Answers Google’s Most Searched Questions About Himself (And Shares his FAKEASS Phone No.)

Shah Rukh Khan needs no introduction. It is partly because the silver jubilee star is almost synonymous to Bollywood and mostly because my vocabulary is exhausted from writing (fangirling) about Shah Rukh Khan. With the kind of actor he is, how can one not?

But it isn’t just his awards or body of work that validates the above sentiment, it is also his humongous fan following from all over the world (arguably larger than himself) that says it all. Naturally, when you step out with stardom like that, it is bound to make fans curious and resort to Google! But not anymore.

Why? Because SRK just did us a favour and answered the most Googled questions about him and our love for him just multiplied itself. 


He did it for the Rajeev Masand’s show, ‘Now Showing’.


The fun began when the question ‘Does Shah Rukh Khan have a private jet?’ appeared and SRK’s infectious candour took over!  



But our amusement hit the roof when Shah Rukh actually gave away his phone number! Or so he said (with a cheeky AF response) when the board asked ‘What is Shah Rukh Khan phone number?’


“If I am not around leave a message and I will answer you back with an emoji.”

That is not all.


SRK had the most enlightening and sassiest reply to ‘Is Shah Rukh Khan world’s most richest actor?’



“I am quite a capitalist material kind of guy like that. I like good things in life but I don’t think I am the world’s richest actor.”


Actually, scratch that. He had an even better, ballistic but honest answer to, ‘Why Shah Rukh Khan is so famous?’




Watch the entire baller of a video here. 

Seriously SRK, how so awesome?