90s Kids Share How They Had A Separate Diary Where They Wrote Lyrics Of Songs

Some of our best memories are from the time when we were kids, especially for those who grew up in the 90s. We have experienced the landline, the mobile phone, call and SMS packs, the computer, the internet, the age of smartphones and social media. We evolved from listening to songs on the radio to buying a Spotify or YouTube Music subscription.

Similarly, back in the day, we used to write down the lyrics of our favourite songs in a diary and make our own personal collections. We used to pause the songs we gathered in CDs or downloaded from the famous Songs.pk and write word by word. Some even attached newspaper cuttings of the singers who sang the songs or the actors who featured in them.

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All these memories hit us hard when a woman named Anjali shared pictures of certain pages in a diary that had the lyrics of Bollywood songs written on them. She tweeted, “I am from that 90s era where we used to write lyrics in a dairy and downloaded songs from songs.pk.”

Here’s a look at her tweet:

After reading her tweet and going through the pictures, nostalgia hit many 90s kids hard who shared similar experiences from their childhood. Have a look:

Those were truly the golden days!

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