Khaane Ke Shaukeen? Toh Complete The Lyrics In This Quiz On ‘Deliciously’ Desi Gaane!

Even true blue filmy keedas fail to notice that several Bollywood songs are inspired by Indian snacks. These quirky, yet delicious lyrics offer the tunes a much-needed desi tadka! If you’re a Bollywood movie junkie or ‘Dil Se Foodie’, try completing the lyrics of these bizarre songs!

1. This funny song from ‘Hifazat’ stars Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit.

2. Remember ‘Yaai Re’ from ‘Rangeela’?

3. Creations of a ravenous lyricist?

4. India survives on this.

5. Ab dimaag lagao!

6. Bujho toh jaaney.

7. Guess the lyrics of this ‘spicy’ song.

8. This song inserted comic moments in this horror flick.

9. ‘Hum Aapkey Hai Kon’ nahi dekha toh kya kiya?

10. Street food ki yaad dila di!

Image credit: YouTube

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