Sonam Kapoor Talks Sexism In Bollywood And Finds It Disgusting

Actresses in Bollywood have conventionally been paid less than their male counterparts. Even in a leading role, a female actor is unable to command the same amount of fees as a male actor.

Recently, Sonam Kapoor spoke out against such blatant sexism in the film industry and called it disgusting.

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“After Raanjhana, all of my movies have been a hit. Still as a woman in the industry, I don’t get my price. I still am having difficulties getting projects off the floor.”

She said she is unable to secure the same level of funding for her films as her male counterparts. Due to this, she is unable to produce projects of satisfactory quality.


Furthermore, she went on to compare hers and Kareena’s fees for ‘Veere Di Wedding’ with those of Varun Dhawan and John Abraham for ‘Dishoom’.

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“For example John Abraham and Varun Dhawan, the kind of money they got to make ‘Dishoom’¬†is way more than what Kareena and I were getting to make ‘Veere Di Wedding’… Just because they are men… a commercial film. I find it disgusting. We are making Veere..and we are getting an OK budget but we are not getting what we want. I have to cut my fee, Bebo has to cut her fee to get this film there.”

She also mentioned that Kareena and she have an equally wide audience appeal and could have the same kind of big openings for their films as the male leads in the industry.


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She also added, on a somewhat unfortunate note, that things are changing in the industry but not soon enough for her to benefit. 

“Somebody very wise said that, ‘Unfortunately, you guys are the change but you are not going to benefit from it. The generation after you are going to benefit from it’.”

Actresses in the film industry aren’t simply arm-candies like they may have been perceived as in the past. In modern cinema, numerous projects with a female lead like Queen, Neerja and Kahaani have achieved stellar success both commercially and critically.

I feel it’s high time that the film industry has a more gender neutral fee structure going forward.¬†

News Source: Pinkvilla

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