Son Fulfills Father’s Dream Of Studying In IIT By Getting Admission Into IIT Bombay

Today, Eshu Koli is a fourth-year student pursuing a BSc in Chemistry from IIT Bombay. He is also the founder of Eshway (a digital agency) and co-founder of Caffae. However, before he could make it into IIT Bombay, his school life was filled with ups and downs.


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According to Indian Express, Eshu Koli was always a bright student. Till about class 6, he was the topper in his class. But then his interest in football grew so much that his studies began to suffer. It was in class 9 that a teacher asked him, “Is this the same Eshu?” after he failed to answer a question that he realised that he wasn’t performing well academically. In class 10, he started focusing on his studies and in his board exams, he performed brilliantly.

But in class 11, he discovered online gaming and much of his time was occupied because of it. He would return back from school and for 8-9 hours, would play games online. He didn’t have any particular goals then. All he wanted was to get admission into a good college. His performance in class 11 exams wasn’t satisfactory either.


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It was then that his father said to him one day, “Son, dream big. Dreaming big is the first step towards success.”

He was touched and motivated by his father’s words. So he looked up online and searched for the best engineering college in the country. It was then that IIT Bombay popped up. He took a picture of it and pasted it on a wall in his room. He began preparing for JEE Mains and Advanced.

When he looked at the syllabus for JEE, he realised that he had wasted a lot of time. So he started adhering to a new routine – wake up at 6 AM and study as hard as you can. But one day, he appeared for a JEE Mains mock test and performed poorly. He realised that he needed to work harder. So he started waking up at 4 AM and studied till 11 PM. This went on till the day of his exam.

He cleared JEE Main 2020 on the first attempt.


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However, on the day of Eshu’s JEE Advanced exam, he learnt that his father wanted to study engineering and join an IIT but he could not do so because of financial problems. And here’s what is remarkable – the JEE Advanced 2020 result was declared on October 5 which was also his father’s birthday! He turned his father’s dream of studying at an IIT into a reality. It’s almost as though his gift to his father was getting admission to an IIT.

What an incredible story this is! 🙂

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