This Village In Odisha Is 100% Solar-Powered. What A Great Example For Other Villages.

In this world where we seem surrounded by news of gloom and doom, we don’t often hear stories of positive change.

Here, however, is one truly worth story of being happy and proud about.

Barapitha, a tribal hamlet on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar has unshackled itself from darkness and became the first Solar village of Odisha.

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The Rs 7 lakh project co-funded by ECCO Electronics and Jakson Group, has put individual solar units in each of the 61 households, along with a central 1 kilowatt (kW) unit that can power 8 street lamps.

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The project did not just provide electricity for the village, but also the mandate to a better life and ambition.


Now, the village roads and schools will have perennial solar lighting. The Village Community Centre has been provided with an LED TV, with a set-top box which runs on solar power.

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Millions still live without electricity in India. Barapitha showed a way forward for thousands of other villages everywhere, which have been left behind.

News Source: The Times of India