Video Shows A Group Of Children Using Dead Snake As A Makeshift Skipping Rope

Kids don’t actually need expensive toys and gadgets to have fun. They can turn everyday objects into games and entertain themselves. Old socks can be hand puppets, a book can be a bat, a ball of scrunched up paper can be a ball, a shallow ditch can be a carrom board, bottle caps can be discs for each player and pasta can be a PC!

But in this instance, things took a weird and dangerous turn as children used a dead snake as a makeshift skipping rope.

According to Mail Online, the snippet was captured in Vietnam where the woman recording the video was heard encouraging the kids instead of dissuading them. Khaleej Times further reports that the country is home to many different types of snakes, a lot of which are poisonous.

The disturbing game has since gone viral leaving the internet divided. Some think the children are badass and creative while others are wondering if this seemingly shocking scene is normal in Vietnam.

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We’re all for recycling things lying around the house and turning them into fun games (like popping bubble wrap or a castle made out of cardboard boxes) but this one is a bit extreme, don’t you think?

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