Woman’s Genius Hack To Sneak Food In A Movie Theatre Has Made Her Internet’s New Hero!

Give me a cheer for every time your broke millennial ass bought tickets on discount but had to spend all the money you saved on popcorn in the theatre. But seriously, what is it with movies and food that the prices suddenly shoot up so much?

Well, if are you tired of paying an unreasonable amount of money for basically water, sugar and ice which they call “soft drink”? Or are you just done with movie halls fleecing you for basic salted popcorn with an exorbitant price tag? Then here’s a perfect solution for you.

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This lady tweeted an ingenious way of sneaking in her favourite snacks into the movie hall and it has left the internet in splits.

That is legit a #FoodBaby!

The picture is going viral on the internet and twitterati has a hilarious take on the situation!

1. We sure are!

2. Multi-purpose!

3. Better than the current one, amirite?


4. Sure you are buddy!

5. Yeah, some just have massive tummy bumps!

6. I hate pessimists raining down on my parade!

7. “Yes Officer, we co-ordinated.”

8. Choices! Choices everywhere!

It’s okay movie buffs, you can thank me (and of course the genius Angela) later! For now, hurry on, finish your craft project and book your tickets for the next movie show!