Girl Asks If Slapping Remotes Is A Desi Riwaaz Or Global Jugaad, People Respond

If the TV remote at your place isn’t working, chances are that instead of changing the batteries you’ll first try and get it to work using an extremely scientific process named slapping ๐Ÿ˜› But have you ever wondered who started this practice? And more importantly, why did they think it would work? Were they from India?

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Journalist Sonal Kalra recently had a similar question if this was a typical desi jugaad or a universal hack followed meticulously across the globe. And it sparked an interesting discussion on Twitter.

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Some remarked that it was definitely Indian behaviour.

Others talked about slapping the computer mouse, torch lights and any other battery-operated device.

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Then a lot of people revealed that this process was followed by Indians living abroad as well as friends belonging to other countries. So much so that international TV shows also showed people kicking cars when they wouldn’t work.

So it is safe to say that the practice is universal. But the next question is, is this behaviour due to laziness, frustration or some sort of logic that we don’t know? Thoughts?

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