Singer Neha Bhasin Reveals She Was Sexually Abused In Haridwar At Age 10


A while back, actress Anupria Goenka opened up about a spiritual leader who tried to take advantage of her when she was 18. Now, singer Neha Bhasin has spoken up about an incident of sexual abuse from her childhood.

DNA India quoted her saying, “I was 10 years old. I was in Haridwar, one of the religious places in India. My mother was standing a few feet away from me. Suddenly, a guy came and poked his finger inside my a**. I was shocked. I just ran away. Then, a few years later, a man grabbed my breasts in a hall.”


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Zee News quoted her adding, “I clearly remember these incidents. I used to think that it’s my fault. Now, people have come on social media and have started abusing others — mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually — there. I consider it faceless terrorism.”

She also opened up about the cyberbullying she faced after a remark about a Korean band, reports Mid-day.

“I did not pass any demeaning remarks for the K-pop band. I only had said that I am not a big fan of that particular band and since then I have been trolled. From rape threats to death threats, I have witnessed it all. I don’t keep quiet now. I even filed a police complaint.”


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It takes a lot of courage to talk about such incidents and even more of it to file a police complaint, don’t you think?

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