“P V Sindhu Wanted Me To Lose My Focus” Says Gold Medallist Carolina Marin

To anyone who saw the women’s badminton final┬álive, the match was far from drama-free.

Both players approached the umpires a lot, and one could not ignore the unnaturally loud screams Carolina Marin was vocalizing after every point.

Carolina Marin won the match – fair and square, and everyone was happy after the ceremony. The Spanish were celebrating the first European Badminton gold medallist. The Indians were celebrating the first silver woman medallist.

Then, Carolina Marin went on to say that P V Sindhu deliberately wanted to keep the shuttles old so that Marin would lose focus

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“She didn’t want to change the shuttle because she wanted me to lose focus. It was a little bit slow and sometimes you have to control everything on court.”

She later then added, “However, I was prepared because I knew it would happen. I didn’t get really annoyed. It’s all part of the game.”


This is very surprising because it was actually Carolina Marin who was warned by the umpire for her excessive screaming

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But she maintained that it was P V Sindhu who played mind games.


The third game became a very tight affair when PV Sindhu came back from a 2-7 deficit to 10-10. And that’s when Carolina Marin took the crucial time off as a tactic

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It would not be brash to say that it broke the rhythm of Sindhu.

But Sindhu remains unfettered, concentrating on the win of silver, rather than the loss of gold

“I was really prepared for everything because I knew it would happen. It’ll happen every time. It’s always there. I didn’t get really annoyed. It’s all part of the game,”

The tactics, the screaming and the time offs and the shuttle changes are all evidence that it takes a lot more than just awesome technical play to defeat Sindhu.

News Source – Indian Express, NDTV, Yahoo

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