Sikh Boy Removes Turban To Save An Injured Woman From Bleeding To Death

We’ve innumerable religions on this planet. And each of these religions comes with their own set of restrictions. However, it’s important for people to keep those customs aside during times of crisis. And that’s exactly what 20-YO Majeet Singh did.

According to Kashmir Life, a 45-year-old Muslim woman was hit by a speeding truck in Awantipora and left there to die by the driver. Manjeet said,

“I saw her lying on the road, with blood coming out of her leg. I could not resist using my own turban to plug the wound.”

Although there were many other people on the road, only Manjeet came forward to help the woman. And he did so without wondering about the repercussions of flouting religious norms. He said,

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“I did what anyone else in my place would have done.”

The turban (or Dastar) is an essential part of Sikhism. It’s a sign of honour and self-respect, piety and moral values and should traditionally be removed in extremely private situations only (e.g. bathing, combing, etc.). But, recently, Sikh men have removed it to save lives, thereby elevating the spiritual significance of the turban.

While talking about himself, Manjeet shed light on his struggle. He said that,

“My father remained a daily-wager through-out his 25 years of service. But I was promised that I will be inducted as a permanent staffer. But so far that promise has not been fulfilled. All I want is a permanent job so that I can feed my family properly.”

Manjeet lives with his handicapped mother, sister and an elder brother, and is the sole bread-earner for his family.

Manjeet’s efforts to save the woman’s life is extraordinary. So, let’s hope that his action garnera him some attention and he is awarded generously in the form of the job that he wants for the sake of his family.

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