This Man Kept All Religious Protocol Aside And Saved A Drowning Man With His Turban

We live in a country where people prefer offering kilos of gold to an idol rather than donating it to people who need more. Everything which has a religious connotation is considered sacred. Although, this story proves that religion doesn’t profess any attachment to material possessions.

On the festival of Ashtami, a man, identified as Satish Kumar slipped and fell into Sidhwan Canal near Verka Bridge while immersing a few religious items with his wife and son.

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The depth of the canal and the flow of the water made the situation worse and he started drowning. His wife tried to save him with her dupatta, but it was too small to pull him.


A number of people gathered on the bank, but after trying, they had lost hopes of his survival. Then, 55-year-old commuter identified as Satnam Singh spotted the man’s wife and son crying desperately for help. And volunteered for help.


Keeping aside all religious protocol, he removed his turban, and threw it in water and asked Satish to hold it, after tying its one end to a rock. Sathish held one end, and Satnam dragged him out of the water safely.

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Satish’s family couldn’t stop thanking Satnam Singh for his help. It was a very close escape.


“The turban is a gift of our Gurus and I am happy that I have used this precious gift to save the life of a stranger”, said Satnam Singh after his selfless act was appreciated.

We salute Satnam Singh for setting a heartwarming example of humanity.

News Source: The Tribune

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