15 Signs You Are Absolutely In Love With The Colour Black

There are so many beautiful colours in the world…and black is the king of them all. What’s not to like? It’s beautiful, elegant, and looks good on absolutely anyone.

Here are a few signs that you are madly in love with the colour black.

1. You have way too many black outfits


2. You have to have at least one black piece of clothing on you when you’re out


And it makes you feel fab.


3. While shopping “Do you have this in black color?” is your regular question


And pray that they do.


4. Your friends have forcefully made you buy clothes in other colours


And you have hardly ever worn those.


5. People often tease you by asking, “Are you goth?”


Nope, not necessarily.


6. Some people have even called your sense of style ‘monotonous’, but you don’t care

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7. You feel elegant wearing a black gown or a suit, as opposed to anything else



8. You can pair black with any other color and still look fabulous


9. You can get creative with your accessories because everything goes with this simple colour



10. With black clothes on, you feel free as they dont get dirty easily



11. You are almost allergic to bright fluorescent colours like green or orange



12. People often associate you to a lover of heavy metal bands


Again, not necessarily.


13. Wearing black makes you look smart and cool



14. When your friends ask you for fashion advice, you always suggest black


And you advise everyone to wear it.


15. Because you know that black will never go out of style


Never, ever.

Fashion may fade, but style is eternal. And black is style.

So, shine on!

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