Fact Check: Story Of This Sheep Escaping Hungry Wolves Due To Its Wooliness Is False

During a year of constant apocalyptic updates (earthquakes, floods, sonic booms, and of course the coronavirus) it is only natural to gravitate towards feel-good stories that bring hope and happiness. One such piece of news doing the rounds is that of Shrek the sheep who wasn’t sheared for 6 years, grew a LOT of wool, and allegedly escaped hungry wolves because their teeth couldn’t penetrate it.

As great as it sounds, unfortunately, it isn’t true. New Zealand journalist Luke Appleby and several others have debunked the story saying that there are no predator wolves in the country.

According to India Today, Shrek (aka the world’s woolliest sheep) was part of a flock of sheep at Bendigo Station and escaped the annual shearing by fleeing to a cave. It was sheared after 6 years and the 27 kg of fleece was auctioned off for children’s medical charities.

This was back in 2004. In 2011, the sheep was euthanized after being ill for a prolonged period of time. Shrek is still remembered in children’s books but there is no great lesson of bravery from his life as some reports would have us believe.

Claim: Sheep survives wolf attack thanks to its wooliness
Fact Check: Claim is FALSE.

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