After Bengaluru, Unknown ‘Loud Sound’ Causes Panic In Tirupur District

A couple of days ago, Bengaluru residents were busy figuring out what caused the loud sound they heard. While some thought it was an earthquake, others jokingly wondered if it was an alien invasion. The next day, officials confirmed that it was a sonic boom caused by an IAF aircraft.

According to News18, at 10.30 am yesterday, a similar sound was heard in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. People in many parts of the district including Kangeyam, Palladam, Mangalam, and Pongalur rushed out of their homes.

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Superintendent of police Disha Mittal confirmed the incident and Tirupur District Collector Vijayakarthikeyan K asked everyone to remain calm as the source of the boom was most likely the Sulur Air Force Station located 35 km away.

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The Times of India reports that No.18 squadron of the Indian Air Force (aka Flying Bullets) was operationalized at the station recently and they also inducted the Tejas Mk-1 combat aircraft which is supersonic.

With COVID-19, the migrant exodus, Cyclone Amphan, and the locusts’ attack, we really don’t need another crisis in the country.

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