Shashi Tharoor’s Insensitive Pun On Manushi Chhillar Has Left Twitter Disappointed And Angry

Shashi Tharoor is a politician with great oratorical skills and there are no two ways about it. Especially with his vocabulary (as good as a dictionary) and the eloquence with which he speaks, Shashi Tharoor is a favourite amongst the takers and makers of lit fests.

shashi tharoor
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In fact, the Congressmen has often spoken (cue: tweeted) and gave our vocabularies new words to couch (read: make memes on)! Remember the last time when he took the pain of introducing us to ‘Webaqoof‘? Not to forget ‘Farrago.’

And although he has never been the one to be held for his words, today is a different day! It so happened that Tharoor recently decided to dig dirt and throw shade at BJP. Sounds usual right? Well, it certainly wasn’t because he did so by cracking a pun at the expense of Miss World 2017, Manushi Chhillar. 

shashi tharoor
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He took to Twitter and posted, 

And an angry Twitterverse wasted no time in calling him out for the apparent condescending words. See for yourself. 

1 ‘Is this the real Sashi Tharoor?’ asked one.

2. In fact, one thought it was imperative to remind him that he is Tharoor and not Thor!

3. Loud and clear!

4. Not that a woman who prepares roti in the kitchen deserves less respect but…

5. A lot of staunch words were fired too!

6. I second that.

7. People even asked him to leave the country!

8. WORD.

9. Even fans sighed at the sight of it.

10. Popular opinion.

And this is just a sample of the tweetstorm that took over everyone’s timeline.

So much so that, Shashi Tharoor had to apologise for his words which looked like this. 

Too little, too less?

Let us know what you feel about the same in the comments.

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