Shabana Azmi Defended Her ‘Islamophobia’ Comment On Twitter And Got More Hate In Return!

As the world witnessed yet another dreadful act of terrorism in Bangladesh, dangerously close to us, it seems that even intellectual Muslims like Shabana Azmi, found themselves overtly critical of their own religion.

On July 3, Shabana Azmi took to Twitter to express  her views on the heinous acts of terrorism carried out by the IS, and how it affects her faith in her religion.


However, her tweet was not taken well by most of her followers in Twitter. Flak followed soon after she posted her views.


However, Azmi didn’t take the long list of hate comments sitting down The next day, she pointed out how her post was misinterpreted and she was less than polite while at it.

However, her followers didn’t seem to convinced with her second tweet and this time she was criticized even more.


Well, even if there could be some weight in Azmi’s tweet, Twitter doesn’t seem to be in a mood to reason.

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