Sara Ali Khan Says She Lost 2 Years Of Her Career Due To The Pandemic, Twitter Divided

The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the most tumultuous occurrences that the world has experienced. Across the globe families lost loved ones, people were out of their jobs, resources were scanty and healthcare systems were in for a toss.

The pandemic has taken a toll on people across various social levels. Even if we were to consider the Hindi Film Industry, productions suffered a halt, film screenings were stopped, music concerts were banned, and therefore, the industry suffered massive losses as a whole.


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In a recent interview, Sara Ali Khan expressed that she and Janhvi Kapoor lost 2 years of their career due to the pandemic. TOI quoted Sara talking about what she and Janhvi have in common and saying:

 “Janhvi and I have much more in common than people might think. We are not best friends; we both have our circle of friends for years. Ultimately, we both are ambitious, career-oriented and strong girls who have lost two years of our careers to the pandemic. Who will understand the restlessness I feel in my heart to go back on the set more than Janhvi? By the time I got used to my life on set, we went into lockdown. That’s what binds us the most.”

However, this statement of hers left people online divided. On one hand, people accused Sara of being tone-deaf and reminded her of the various brand endorsements she continued to receive despite the pandemic.

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On the other hand, there were people who expressed that just because Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor come from privilege doesn’t mean their struggle means any less.

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