Odisha: Daily-wage Labourer Turns YouTuber Amid Lockdown, Earns ₹5 Lakhs In 6 Months

Our social media timelines are rife with ASMR videos and appetizing Mukbangs (audiovisual broadcast of a delicious chow down). And among the variety of videos online are some very special ones by a humble labourer from Babupali in Odisha’s Sambalpur district.

Isak Munda was a daily-wage labourer who unexpectedly changed the path of his career during the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. The man is now a YouTube blogger who earns lakhs of rupees from his videos about his community and culture, reports Times Now News.

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It all began when Isak was watching some videos on his friend’s phone during lockdown in 2020. That was when he was hit by inspiration and decided to start his own YouTube channel. The 35-year-old initially took Rs 3,000 on loan to purchase a smartphone. He then used it to record himself chowing down on boiled rice without enough curry. 

“My first video has been viewed by more than 4.99 lakh people. I make videos about life in my poor household and village, showing what and how we eat. I am happy my videos are received so well by many. I am making a decent income now,” Isak reportedly said.

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“I’ve studied only up to the seventh standard. So, I thought I could make videos on my own community, culture and lifestyle in my village. I also show how we collect wild mushrooms and eat bamboo shoots so that people in India and abroad get to know of the simple life we live,” he added.

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It appears his channel ‘Isak Munda Eating’ was set to be a huge hit for 3 months after his first video, Isak received Rs 37,000 in his bank account. 6 months down the line, he had made Rs 5 lakh. His wife Sabita says, “He once uploaded a video of the decrepit mud house we live in. Many people viewed it, and it brought us financial support from an organisation in Bhubaneswar to build a brick-and-cement house.”

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But it appears Isak isn’t just creating random videos. He aims to create awareness about the local traditions. “Isak is constantly making videos about our local tribal traditions. He also made a video of me weaving a mat out of date palm leaves. People like to see all his videos. They learn about our traditions and culture. So he is getting some money,” Isak’s father-in-law, Joseph Munda, said.

Speaking of his surprising journey, Isak concludes, “I am happy to be no longer seeking daily-wage work as a labourer.”

More power to you Isak!

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