Kids Wasting Time Attempting UPSC, Put Energy Into Something Else: PM’s Advisor Sanjeev Sanyal

In Indian society, doctors, engineers, lawyers, and civil servants are held in exceptionally high esteem. From a young age, children often find themselves nudged toward paths leading to these careers, with engineering and medical degrees being particularly emphasized. The aspiration for civil services, epitomized by the UPSC exams, is deeply ingrained. However, as UPSC aspirants spend their prime years preparing and trying to crack the exam, the odds are stacked heavily against them.

Every year, over a million candidates appear for the UPSC exams and only about 0.1% to 0.3% of the total applicants are ultimately selected for various civil services positions after completing all stages of the examination, which include the preliminary exam, main exam, and interview.

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Hence, Sanjeev Sanyal, an economist and advisor to Prime Minister Narendra Modi argued that India needs more entrepreneurs and billionaires like Elon Musk and Mukesh Ambani and that the youth is wasting their time trying to crack the UPSC exam.

“I think way too many young kids who have so much energy, are wasting their time trying to crack UPSC. I’m not saying you don’t want people to take the exam. Yes, every country needs a bureaucracy, that’s perfectly fine. But I think lakhs of people are spending their best years trying to crack an exam where a tiny number of a few 1000 people actually are going to get it makes no sense,” Economic Times quoted him saying.

He argued that India needs more billionaires because they create more jobs.

“We need to get used to Indian billionaires. Our problem is not Indian billionaires, but that we don’t have enough of them. I want more billionaires, new first-generation billionaires, they will generate the jobs, they will generate the energy, and there should be a continuous churn of them.”

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He further opined that if the youth spent the same amount of time preparing for the Olympics or learning a different skill, we’d have more gold medals, better movies and professionals. He added that civil services is not for everybody and for the large part, it is a boring job.

“If they put the same energy into doing something else, we will be winning more Olympic gold medals, we will be seeing better movies being made, we’d see better doctors, we would see more entrepreneurs, scientists, and so on. Life in bureaucracy is not meant for everybody and large parts of it, as with any profession, are largely dull and boring, and about passing files up and down. And unless you really wanted to do it, and you know, you’re not going to be particularly happy with it.”

Several people online agreed to what Sanjeev Sanyal had to say. They opined that most candidates cannot crack the exam on the first attempt, so because of multiple attempts, they waste away their prime years. In the end, they are left jobless or have to settle for basic jobs with basic pay packages.

Do you agree with what Sanjeev Sanyal has to say?

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