These 20 Honest And Fun Illustrations Aptly Sum Up What Women Do When No One Is Watching

Very few people can claim to the fact that they are perfectly the same in any scenario! What we show the world is a very different version of what we are in our own company. We can be whoever we like, do whatever we want, without being judged by anyone in the world. We need to please no one and anger no one. Simple, uncomplicated life!

Sally Nixon, an illustrator brings to us the lives of women when nobody is watching them. She wants to show the world the real lives of women without any filters! Sally says, “They don’t have perfect bodies or perfect habits and that makes them relatable. The scenes I create around them are everyday places: a bathroom, a restaurant, a messy bedroom. However, my goal with each drawing is to elevate the seemingly mundane to something special.”

Let’s have a look at her honest and funny illustrations.

1. My favourite party of all time!


2. When your pet loyally follows you everywhere


3. Every morning this same story


4. The ultimate peace, watching my fav sitcom before sleeping


5. On the sick days and on cold days alike


6. In a mood for a french toast? ALWAYS!


7. Concentrating on those quiet days


8. Because sometimes you are too tired to even have dinner at the table


9. When nobody is at home and you just want to chill


10. So many clothes yet nothing to wear. Every bedroom, the same story.


11. When you are contemplating about your life and the world in general.


12. Yay! Puzzle time, my fav time.


13. Assembling something by reading a manual is by far the most patient thing you will ever do.


14. Bookgamic already! So many books and so little time.


15. Chicken and solace, an ideal combination

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16. When you want to relax, but you are also very hungry and you end up eating in a bathtub.


17. No pants day because summers are already here.

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18. Your best friend, some old memories, and food. A perfect recipe for a Saturday afternoon.

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19. When you decide to switch off the lights during a horror movie but break that resolution within the first 5 minutes!

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20. This is my idea of a perfect party!

I am sure they made you go, “oh! this is me.” Sally just made mundane activities so fresh and fun!

H/T: Bored Panda