Indians Hang Their Heads In Shame As Russian Tourists Clean Up Dirty Beach At Fort Kochi

India’s beaches face a serious issue as litter destroys the scenic beauty. Unfortunately, state authorities have been slow to tackle this problem, neglecting the urgent need for action. In such situations, it often falls upon local communities to unite and take matters into their own hands. When people come together, they prove that change is possible, showcasing the power of community efforts in restoring the beauty of our beloved beaches.

Speaking of beaches, we all know that Kochi is a popular place for tourists. Many foreigners visit its beaches because they’re attracted to the city’s history and its nice coastal areas. However, recently something happened which would make any Indian’s face fall down with shame. A group of Russian tourists took it upon themselves to clean a beach at Fort Kochi.

In a video that has gone viral, we see how a group of Russian women are tidying up the beach and depositing the litter in plenty of trash bags.

Have a look:

This led to several people online calling out the local authorities for not doing their duty of keeping the beaches clean. According to The Hindu, the daily tidying of the beach is done by some 20-odd sweepers, a number which is clearly insufficient.

“It is a matter of shame that foreign tourists had to take up cleaning of Kerala’s prime beachfront,” said C. Satish, President of the All Kerala Tour Guides’ Association who witnessed the beach getting cleaned up by the Russian tourists.

Here’s what people online have been saying after coming across the visuals:

Such a shame!

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