Interview Of 22-YO Who Created The ‘Blue Whale’ Suicide Game Is Extremely Alarming

In the dark alleys of the inter-web, there is lurking a viral game that’s influencing young minds and driving them to suicide. Called the Blue Whale Challenge, the game has claimed many gullible lives over the world. We can’t even begin to express the shock over it.

But what’s more shocking is that the mind behind such a horrendous game is that of a 22-year-old Russian man, Philipp Budeikin [nickamaed Philipp Lis (Fox)]. He psychologically influenced young kids after befriending them on social media. He did so because he thought he was “cleansing” earth of “biological waste.”

He has been arrested a month ago and has been sentenced to three years of jail. A student of sound engineering and psychology for three years, Budeikin was expelled. Bipolar in his own words, he has revealed that his mother and older brother hit him while he was growing up.


In a Times of India report, that carries a Russian interview of his from the month of May, Philipp confessed to driving people towards suicide. Not only that, he also has a very cryptic statement that followed.

“Yes. I truly was doing that. Don’t worry, you’ll understand everything. Everyone will understand.”

What is that supposed to mean? This is really alarming.


But, why would he do anything like that? In an interview with Saint Petersburg News, Budeikin said,

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“There are people – and there is biological waste. Those who do not represent any value for society. Who cause or will cause only harm to society. I was cleaning our society of such people.”


One of the tactics he used on teens was of sleep deprivation.

“At some point, it is necessary to push the teenager not to sleep at night. (In this way, their) psyche becomes more susceptible to influence.”

He said he was manipulating and administering them to make them feel “happy” by providing them the warmth and understanding they don’t usually get in life.

More surprisingly, since his arrest, girls have been writing him love letters.

That’s evil incarnation and he has influenced so many lives. But he denies being associated with all the deaths that this bizarre Blue Whale Challenge has caused. He claimed to only have been directly associated with 17 of them. The other teens who killed themselves had communicated with him but didn’t commit suicide under his direct influence.


Surprisingly, he said that there were 28 more people ready to take their lives and play the life-claiming game.

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This is downright bizarre. He claims to be bipolar and that makes the whole thing even more alarming, because in there somewhere is a boy who was a victim of abuse and violence. But, the other side of him, who is on the front and in charge, seems to have gnawed his sense of the wrong and right leading him to create such a dangerous online game. His knowledge in psychology and sound engineering gave him more access to manipulation and we are just astounded by what he chose to create.

But who gave him the right to claim so many young lives?

It is our humble request to all, please don’t get influenced wrongly by any games or challenges that can in any way harm yours or anyone else’s life. And, please don’t take any irrational step under anyone’s or your own emotions’ influence.

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