You Can Rent Yourself A Girlfriend For Approx ₹10 For 20 Minutes At This Chinese Shopping Mall

The prospect of going on shopping can have wildly different reactions for different people. Some, like me, would just rather get it done online without the hassle of dealing with the crowd at a shopping mall or pesky storekeepers at the store. Others, on the other hand, just love shopping and make an entire day out of it.

Either way, it can be really boring if you don’t have someone to keep you company through it. All the better, if it’s your patient girlfriend/boyfriend.

This mall in China has the perfect solution for you. Here the single shoppers can rent a ‘girlfriend’ to keep them company while they shop.

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According to The Sun, 15 models, stand on podiums for the customers’ perusal and those interested can pick whoever they like.

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Those looking for a temporary girlfriend experience can scan a QR code and make a payment of approximately ₹10 at every 20-minute intervals.

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Talk about convenient payment options!

The women would keep the men company as they went about their shopping. They will even carry your shopping if asked to!

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If at the end of each interval, the shopper decides not to continue with the service, the ‘girlfriend’, simply returns back to their podium and await the next customer. Customers don’t just have to take their hired girlfriends for shopping. They can choose to take them out for lunch or even a date.

There are a couple of rules though. No touching or taking the women outside the mall premises.

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Sorry boys!

The customers need not be just men either. The shopping centre says:

“There were no requirements except the ₹10 participation fee, with the venue limited to anywhere within the shopping complex.

Every ‘girlfriend‘ will also came with a photographer, who followed customers around and snapped pictures for them.”

According to them, numerous women also hired the models and had their ‘girlfriends’ take care of their children or help them with their homework. Genius!

All you fellow people out there suffering from the #foreversingle syndrome, looks like we should book a ticket to China. Because I don’t think we’re ever going to manage to pull this off in India. I could use someone to help me with my taxes.