15 Of The Most Bizarre Reasons Why Indians Got Rejected For Arranged Marriage


India is a diverse land. And, with diversity comes its quirks and bizarreness. And, there’s yet another concept that’s out there, that of an arranged marriage, over which many have wracked their brains. But, still can’t figure out the core details or the 5W and H (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How) of the process.

I hold no contrarian views for the concept of arranged marriages, nor am I all-pro for the love ones. I believe in two people imagining a life together in a respectful and loving manner, now if that comes out of an arranged set-up, well and good. Else, one can fall in love and envision the very things.

But at times, there are such demeaning, ego-shattering, disrespectful and can’t-term-them BS things that happen in an arranged set-up that we can’t help but rethink about the era we live in! Talking about the rejections, my friend. The reasons, why people get rejected by families or by the bride/groom. You cannot find logic in it, but let me tell you, some of them are so bizarre that you’d go all, ‘aise kaise, bc?’ over them.

Don’t believe me? Here are 15 of the choicest bizarre reasons for an arranged set-up falling apart.

1. “Kyunki who bob cut tha, tum jab shaadi karne aaoge toh tumhara jooda kaise banega? Tum toh ladka dikhti ho.”

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2. “Because I had a tattoo and red hair.”


3. “If the foot is flat, there would be no marriage because it is ashubh.”

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4. “Because she had friends. The guy said he doesn’t believe in having friends, his family is everything.”


5. “The tattoos are to hide skin diseases.”


6. “Because she looked right into the to-be MIL’s eyes.”

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7. “The girl asked for last 3 months’ payslips.”


8. “I can’t drive car, hence the girl rejected me.”

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9. “We served them Samosa and Sharbat instead of Tea and Poha.”


10. “The boy’s family said that I have squint eyes and rejected me.”

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11. “The girl could not speak fluent English.”


12. “She rejected him saying that when she will wear high heels, she will look taller than him.”

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13. “That girl rejected me just because I am going to be BALD in near future.”


14. “I was rejected because my mother has leukoderma.”

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15. “She has too much space between her 2 front teeth.”


Yep! And, in addition to all these, of course, skin colour, weight, education, beauty, gait, character judgment, group you hangout with, what one wears, how much does a family earn, job after marriage, CTC and other factors too are reasons cited by the families and the bride and groom.

Da.F is this, though? Short of words!

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