Raveena Tandon Recalls Being Eve-Teased, Pinched In Public Transportation

To travel in public transport and not be sexually harassed and/or assaulted is a privilege for women in our country. Most women you come across will have a public-transport-sexual-harassment story to tell you. Being groped and catcalled is like a given. It’s a sad reality.

When it comes to public transport, several Mumbaikars on social media have been supporting the construction of a car shed in the Aarey colony for metro-3 passengers while many others are protesting against it, including actor Raveena Tandon.

So there came a lot of hate towards her way with some alleging that she doesn’t know the struggle of “middle-class travellers”. To this Raveena Tandon responded by recalling how, before she started earning well as an actor, she used to travel via public transport and was subjected to sexual harassment including getting pinched and eve-teased on local trains and buses.

“Teen years travelled in locals/buses, got eve teased, pinched, everything that most women go through, earned my first car in ’92. Development is welcome, we have to be responsible, not only for a project, but wherever we are cutting through our forests, to safeguard the environment/wildlife,” she tweeted.

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She went on to add that till 1991, before she earned her first car, she was “physically harassed” by fellow passengers.

“Up until 1991, I travelled like this. And being a girl also got physically harassed by nameless trolls like you. Before I started working, saw success and earned my first car,” she tweeted.

And some people complain why there are separate compartments for women in buses, trains and metros!

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