Ranveer Singh Chopping His Beard Off And Missing It Later Is Basically All Of Us After A Trim

Ranveer Singh is a live-wire and there are no two ways about it. He is also a powerhouse performer that Bollywood has produced in a long time. But I’m not here to talk about his acting prowess (or his quirksome dressing sense). I’m simply here to re-introduce you to the regular guy behind the face of an extraordinary talent!

Let me rephrase that; Baba (as he is popularly known) has no air about him being the superstar he is. In fact, he is just like you and me, one who wears his heart on his sleeves.

Is it Friday yet?

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How can I say so? Well, because I want to. Also because he just had the most basic reaction after saying bye-bye to his beloved beard! 


That’s right fellas, the mooch (you remember the edgy tips, don’t you?) and the beard are gone. Want to see how? 

“Shearing my sheepish look with you!”


TBH, he shared much more than just that. He is missing it now, you guys! 

“I’ll miss you.”

Ah, I can bet he already is. While the gentlemen relate, ladies remember the feeling when parlour didi chops off your long locks? Yeah, that!


That’s not all! Ranveer also shared his pre and post mundan shots and his expression says it all!

Reportedly, the man of the hour has undergone the transformation, breaking hearts (including his own) to look the part of his character- a young Alauddin Khilji for ‘Padmavati’. 

Not that we don’t dig this look, but the beard had some serious charm to it! What do you think? See you in the comments. 😉