Rana Daggubati Says Films Made On Indian Mythologies Will Put ‘Game Of Thrones’ To Shame

You may have come across Bollywood movies that are a remake of Hollywood films. Laal Singh Chadha, We Are Family, Dil Bechara, and other such uncountable films come to mind while thinking of it. Recently, we saw how many people took a dig at the Brahmastra trailer and called it a “sasta copy” of Marvel movies.

We have a tendency to glorify internationally made movies while being unsupportive of Indian films. But actor Rana Daggubati is of the opinion that if we make movies on Indian mythologies then they will perform better than ‘Game of Thrones’.


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ETimes quoted him saying:

“India is a land of stories with the greatest mythologies ever written. And they’ve been written at a scale that puts ‘Game of Thrones’ to shame in that sense. There’ll be two-three directions that’ll automatically take us (global).”

He went on to add that it is our culture that can take us places.

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“Because it’s our culture that we are representing. So if it’s ‘Money Heist’, let’s rob stuff the way Indians would… It’ll still be our culture and our ethic that would make that story go places.”

Our unique trait is our culture and that’s exactly what we’re supposed to use, he thinks.

“What will take us to the global audiences? Stories which are extremely local, things that happen in different parts of the country, which are new to the world and unique to us.”

Do you agree with what Rana Daggubati has to say?

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