Raftaar Talks About How He Went From Being A Salesman To A Rapper With His Dad’s Help

When you talk about the hip-hop and rap scene in the country, you cannot miss out on Raftaar. However, there has been a lot of struggle into becoming a sensation today. And he opened up about the same recently in Neha Dhupia’s podcast ‘No Filter Neha’.

In the podcast, Raftaar revealed how he quit his job as a salesman to pursue his career as an artist and one of the major driving forces which pushed him towards his dream is his father, reports Hindustan Times.

“I used to work as a salesman in UCB. But during that time my dad did something which gave me the freedom to fight.”

He went on to reveal the kind of unconditional support he got from his father:

“My salary was Rs 10,000 and my father earned Rs 12,000. One day he kept Rs 10,000 beneath my pillow and said, ‘Jaane ki zarurat nahi hai. Yeh le teri salary’.”

He literally had a ‘Jaa beta, jee le apni zindagi’ moment!

“That day I decided that my father had given me all the freedom he could. I no longer had an excuse and say that my parents did not support my dreams. They said, ‘Tu aazmaale apni kismat. Kuch nahi hua toh ek dukaan khol lenge! Bhuka nahi marega. You will live’.”

It is their parent’s support that a kid looks forward to the most. If one has their parents by their side, nothing is impossible. And Raftaar’s story is proof!