Pics Of Radhika Merchant Performing Bharatnatyam Turned Into Hilarious Memes By People Online

Did you know that Radhika Merchant, the would-be-wife of Anant Ambani, is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer? She trained under Ms Bhavana Thakar for 8 years and in 2019, her ‘Arangetram’ or ‘ascent to the stage’ took place. An ‘Arangetram’ marks the entry of a new artist into the world of Bharatnatyam where they perform solo on stage. Radhika’s Arangetram took place in the Grant Theatre at Jio World Centre and was attended by celebrities and business tycoons alike.

However, pictures from Radhika Merchant’s performance have now become memes! People online have been using it to make gendered social commentary. In the pictures, Radhika expresses surprise, warmth and praise and here’s what people turned them into:

Didn’t see this coming! 😛

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