Racist Man Harasses Store Employee, Other Customers Stand Up To Him In Viral Video

Every once in a while, there’s a story that takes Twitter by storm. A sweet and emotional one of a dying man who left 14 Christmas presents for his neighbour’s daughter. Or one of a genius prankster who tricked her dad into eating Brussel sprouts masquerading as Chocolate. But this one by @rickyy___ is quite disturbing.

The incident took place in a Macy’s store in Dallas, Texas. A man made a purchase on Christmas Eve and asked for it to be gift-wrapped. A store employee told him that the item didn’t come with a free gift box. He’d have to pay $1 and go upstairs to have it wrapped. This is when he created a scene in the store. He started being rude to the female employee and her colleague. Reportedly, the fact that they spoke to each other in Arabic riled him even further. He insulted her ethnicity to which bystanders took notice.

This is him being rude to shoppers for coming up in support of the employee

From the video, it’s evident that the man didn’t back down, apologise or leave the store even when others tried to point out his mistake. He said,

“I’m in America, I want people to speak English to me. All I asked was for her to speak English”

According to the shopper who uploaded the footage, around 10-12 people stood up for the Macy’s employee. Even then he continued his rude behaviour shouting,

“And get these customers away from me. All the Arabs, all you Arabs and Democrats. Go back to where you came from”

Here is the second part of the clip

The shocking incident hasn’t gone over well with the internet. The video has gone viral with a gofundme page being set up for the employee.

  1. #JerkOfTheDay

2. Outrageous

3. Spewing hate

4. Bully

5. Kudos to the good samaritans

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According to the Daily Mail, no police report has been filed regarding the incident. The man remains unidentified but netizens have nicknamed him #GiftBoxBobby.