Dying Man Leaves Behind Christmas Gifts for Neighbour’s 2 YO Daughter for The Next 14 Years!

Ever since I found out Santa wasn’t real, there are only two things I’ve looked forward to on Christmas. Decorating the tree and opening my gifts. But this story, what this 87-year-old did for his neighbour’s toddler has challenged my beliefs. Santa Claus might be real after all.

Owen Williams lives in Wales with his wife and daughter. A while back, his elderly neighbour, Ken Watson passed away. They’d been friends with him since the day they moved into their house. He treated their daughter Cadi as his own grandchild and loved giving her presents on Christmas. He used to say that he’d live to be 100 years old. But even though he didn’t get that wish, he made sure he fulfilled his promise. Ken bought 14 presents and lovingly wrapped them for Cadi. One for each holiday, until her 16th. Ken’s daughter recently handed them off to Owen.

Touched by this sweet gesture, he posted it on Twitter

They are overwhelmed with Ken’s thoughtfulness and something else as well. They cannot decide if they should leave the gifts untouched and have Cadi open one each year. Or unwrap them and decide which ones to give her first, in case some of them become unusable in the future.

Their Dilemma gave rise to this poll

There are over 67,000 votes on this poll. With the holiday barely a week away, I guess we all needed a warm and loving reminder that good neighbours still exist in this world. Realising this, Owen also let people in on the man’s life through his tweets. Ken Watson was a former deep-sea diver, carpenter, accordion player and baker. He was quite active for his age and took up wing-walking and skydiving in his 80s. In an interview prior to his death, he said

“Wing walking isn’t scary. I looked on the computer and it said 63 was the age limit, but as long as you have a medical certificate to say you are in good health it’s all right.”

When netizens read this touching story, there was not a dry eye in the house. The tweets generated a huge response with many news houses calling up Owen for details and interviews.

  1. It’s the thought that counts

2. You will not be forgotten

3. The true holiday spirit

4. *Wipes a tear*

5. Cadi is one lucky kid

6. Some solid advice

7. An inspiration for us all


I think this Christmas, we should all follow Ken’s example and buy a present for our neighbours. It’s the least we can do to spread some cheer, right?

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