Puppy Gets A Desi Welcome With ‘Grihapravesh’ While Family Performs Aarti, Watch Video

It is a mandatory ritual for every desi family to give a grand welcome to a new member, be it a newborn baby or a bride/groom. We call the ritual ‘Griha Pravesh’ where a person is welcomed with an aarti, is showered with flowers and is basically treated like a royal!

Dog-parents would relate when I say that bringing a puppy home is like bringing a newborn home. Hence, one family decided to give a grand welcome to their new puppy!

According to Times Now, the family performed an aarti, imprinted the paws on a handkerchief with red paint and gave a full filmy style ‘Griha Pravesh’ to their new puppy! Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’s title track playing in the background is just the cherry on the cake!

Watch the video here:


People on the internet are loving the royal treatment given to the puppy! Here’s how they reacted:

All dogs deserve such treatment! After all, they are a man’s best friend!

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