It’s Raining Jobs For This Pune Maid After Her Creative Business Card Went Viral

There is no dearth of creative people on the planet who use their ‘creative keda’ to do things that instantly makes them the talk of the town. Remember the guy who made a 20-page resume in GQ magazine style and later got hired by them without an interview, or the guy who impressed the internet with his dating resume? Well, this time it’s this housemaid from Pune whose smartly made business card went viral.

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It all happened when the employer of this Pune-based housemaid Geeta Kale saw her upset when she lost a job in the city. Kale who lives in Pune’s Bavdhan area came to her employer’s home with a sunken face after she lost a job that would otherwise pay her Rs. 4000, reports NDTV.

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When her employer Dhanashree Shinde came to know about her ordeal, she immediately offered to help her. A senior branding and marketing manager, Shinde designed an impressive business card for Kale and told her to hand the printed copy to the people in her neighbourhood.

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Since then it’s raining jobs for this Aadhaar card verified, ‘Ghar kaam maushi’. The business card carries information about Kale’s work and salary per chore. A picture of the card was then shared by Asmita Javdekar on her Facebook account.

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And since then, Kale’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing. “She simply surrendered her phone to Dhanashree to manage the incessant enquires,” the post read. Shinde was awestruck to see the overflowing response and people from across the country offering a job to Kale.

People on the internet were impressed by Shinde’s kind gesture:

Do you see how a little effort goes a long way? Kudos to Shinde for helping out Kale in her bad times.