This Guy Made A 20 Page Resume In GQ Magazine Style And They Hired Him Without An Interview

In this world, you need a set of skills to survive the cut throat competition. And believe it or not, presenting your skills on a piece of paper is equally important. No one wants to read your resume when it seems cluttered.

Sumukh Mehta trod a different path for presenting his skills. He didn’t let a page define his destiny and dared to try something different, which was oh-so-creative!

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He has pursued his Bachelor’s from the college of Management studies, Jain University.


In the year 2015, he started his own venture, Your Pitch, where he helped people convert their regular and boring resumes to creative ones.

Stressing this fact, he had this to say:

“In today’s competitive world, everything is just so difficult that you need to be creative if you really want to make things work and that’s what I did.”


But, after helping many peers, he decided to make his own resume for the renowned international magazine, Gentleman’s Quarterly. The resume consisted of twenty pages and he sought help from graphic designers and content writers.

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It took him 3 weeks to complete that!


That impressed British’s GQ Editor-in-Chief, Dylan Jones, so much that he offered him a position in their London’s office and that too without an interview.

In case you’re wondering what he featured in the resume, you can have a look at these photos:






Mag 3



Mag 4



Mag 5



Mag 6



Mag 7



Mag 8



Mag 9



So guys, what are you even waiting for?

Did he pave a path for inspiration or not? 🙂 If yes, update your resume today!

News Source and Image source: Let’s Intern

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