Pune Group Conducts Funeral For A Helmet, Says It Causes Hair Loss And Neck Pain

Just when we thought that 2019 is going to be a year of sensible decisions, something incredibly stupid happens.

Mocking the compulsory helmet law, a Pune anti-helmet group namely ‘Helmet Sakti Virodhi Kruti Samiti’ conducted a funeral ceremony. The ceremony took place in full-on traditional style at a crematorium.

The event was led by Shiv Sena leader Mahadev Babai in response to the police for making helmets necessary for all.

Police Commissioner K Venkatesham’s had made the law mandatory last year in the face of 184 deaths owing to on-road accidents.

If you have already arrived at a major facepalm moment, wait for it. There’s more.

The Anti-Helmet Compulsion Action Committee also conducted a rally symbolising the last journey of the helmet.

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The anti-helmet group seems to be living in their own unicorn land. According to sources, Pune MP Anil Shirole expressed how the group didn’t oppose road safety. However, the helmet law was a little over the top.

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“Public safety should always be the top priority but at the same time, the police should consider local public sentiments and needs. People always ride slowly on local roads so there are fewer chances of accidents. Hence, there is no need of helmet compulsion on these roads” – Anil Shirole.

Penalizing riders without helmets from January 1st has attracted a backlash. According to DNA, the group is opposed to the law because it causes neck pain and hair loss.

“There are a lot of riders who have faced back or neck pain after using the helmet which clearly shows that the use of helmets is not at all comfortable” – Balasaheb Runwal, founder of the brigade.

Just some additional FYI, the members also offered vada pav and a bottle of liquor to the helmet during the prayer service!

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