Pug Gets Facial X-Ray Done, People React To The ‘Alien-Like’ Picture

Previously, someone on Twitter posted a picture of the muscular anatomy of female breasts and the internet lost its collective calm. It looked creepy as hell! However, now there is another picture which is here to make us feel REALLY uncomfortable – a facial x-ray of a pug!

Representational Image

According to a report by Standard UK, American Comedian Andy Richter took to Twitter to share a picture of a pug’s facial x-ray. He claimed that the pug belonged to a friend of his and was recently taken to the vet.

See the picture of the scan here:

Scary, isn’t it?!

However, the pug looks a lot less creepy in real life. Have a look:

People of the internet cannot get over how scary the facial scan looks. Some even compared it to E.T. due to its alien-like looks:


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This is going to give me some sleepless nights and has scarred me for life!

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