#ProposeDay Memes Flood The Internet On The 2nd Day Of Valentine’s Week


It’s day two of Valentine’s week, so according to the ‘love calendar’ it’s ‘Propose Day’. The day when all the extra classes scheduled would take place at a garden, amusement park or even the zoo. So while the aashiqs were brainstorming creative ways to propose to their prospective partners, memers and singles online were planning to do some samaj seva by making everyone Laugh Out Loud!

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After ‘Rose Day’, people have been flooding the internet with #ProposeDay jokes and memes. So if you are feeling left out today, then here’s how you can actively take part in the celebrations- by indulging in these hilarious jokes.

Take a look:




I do understand the enthusiasm of people celebrating ishq wala week. But while people take help from Google baba to search ‘effective love quotes’, I spend hours looking for these jokes and memes. So if you are someone like me, then check out this space for more entertainment because 5 din aur abhi baaki hai merey dost!

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