Man Asks Journalist To ‘Work On Her English Pronunciation’, She Responds With Humility

Have you ever been mocked for your English pronunciation or accent? People online have shared insecurities about not speaking English & how it didn’t stop them in life. Previously, Twitter also slammed Pakistan cafe owners who mocked an employee for not being fluent in English.

Recently, a Twitter user responded to a journalist’s feature story asking her to work on her English pronunciation.

The journalist responded how this isn’t the first time that her work has been overlooked for her pronunciation. She further shared how she spent her childhood in a village where she didn’t have the privilege of studying in an English-medium school.

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Others responded to this exchange.

1. One person lauded the journalist for her owning her region-based accent.

2. Others said her work is what matters, and she doesn’t owe anyone any justifications.

3. Not just English, it’s about other languages too.

Let’s discard our insecurities and let go of our prejudices against others by not judging them based on their English-speaking skills.

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