Priyanka Chopra Gets Backlash For Quantico Episode Showing Indians Plotting Against Pakistan


Priyanka Chopra, our desi girl conquering the videsi land, is the national and international media’s darling right now. Her appearances at events, hobnobbing with the who’s who of Hollywood on red carpets and attending weddings of British Royalty, has the nation basking in vicarious pride. As for her ‘are they/aren’t they’ romance with Nick Jonas, it sure has kept the international media besotted with the former Miss World.

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While we thought the amazing PeeCee could do no wrong, this belief seems to have cracked a little, all because of the plot of Quantico Season 3.

Priyanka Chopra’s Alex Parrish is in a lot of trouble with her Indian fans back home, because a recent episode of Quantico Season 3 showed ‘Indian nationalists’ plotting a terror attack in Manhattan, with plans to blame it all on Pakistan.

The episode, titled ‘The Blood of Romeo’, aired on June 1st and is the fifth episode in the final season of Quantico. The show was cancelled after Season 3 because of low ratings.

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In the episode, a physics professor at MIT acquires Uranium to build a nuclear bomb that could detonate at an India-Pakistan summit in New York City. Alex Parrish and her team are the ones trying to stop the professor and save the day.

The whole ‘Indians devising a terror attack to frame Pakistan’ storyline has not gone down well with many viewers of the show. They’ve taken to Twitter to criticise both the show and Priyanka for agreeing to it.

From their outraged tweets, it seems like the Priyanka agreeing to such a story line feels like a betrayal of sorts to them. They believe, she should’ve known better.



Sorry, not buying it.

Stupid-ass episode….

Nonsensical stuff….

Cruising through Manhattan with a live nuclear bomb? Yeah, cannot digest that!

The biggest facepalm though….

How could you, Priyanka Chopra?

Desi Girl got it wrong this time?

What do you think? Would you side with PeeCee on this one? That it was just a fictional story line and she had no choice but to go along with it? Or do you think the outrage is justified and she should’ve put her foot down and refused to be a part of it? Hey, Alex Parrish, try solving this conundrum.

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