Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra Might Be Dating Nick Jonas And Twitter Can’t Handle It!

Forgive us Indians if we’re extremely protective about our desi girl Priyanka Chopra as she conquers the world. Especially when it comes to being critical about the Prince Charming that will finally whisk her away to fairytale land.

Rest assured, we’ll have some strong opinions. And now seems like the perfect time to exercise those strong opinions because rumours are a-fly that PeeCee might be dating Nick Jonas!

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Now it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. I mean, we did see them pose on the Met Gala red carpet together last year. The youngest Jonas Brother even posted this rather gorgeous picture of Piggy Chops on his Instagram!

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But what sparked these rumours is the fact that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas spent the Memorial Day weekend (an American holiday) together, doing loads of wonderful things!

For starters, the duo also attended “Beauty in the Beast” in concert at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles

The next day, they were seen at a Dodgers baseball game together!

They were even seen holding hands at one point! Awwwww!

And if these pictures from their Memorial Day weekend shenanigans are any proof, Priyanka and Nick seem quite cosy together as they posed for pictures!

Awww, look at these two, cuddling under a shared blanket in a yacht! Goals or what!

They spent the weekend in quite the company!

Whoa! Hyperventilating now! Could this be happening?

If you find yourself drowning in FOMO, you’re not alone. Twitter has erupted in reactions over this news. Safe to say, people have some very pointed opinions about the ship called Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas!

I mean, it could be the hottest pairing of 2018 already!

1. Fingers crossed!

2. Same, minion. Same!

3. OMG, I know right! Who would’ve thunk this mashup would be possible?

4. One tweet to sum it all up!

5. Oh hell yeah! We STAN!

6. Make it happen oh Lord!

7. Keeping a hawk’s eye out for the tiniest glimmer of diamonds!

8. That’s some hardcore shipping right there! We’re so invested!

9. We <3 it!

10. Amen!

11. Talking about things aunties say, some enthusiastic peeps already began imagining a Chopra-Jonas wedding!

Hold on to your shaadi ki ghodis, folks!

Would it be an LA wedding or an Indian desi dhamaka?

Okay, my feeble heart can’t process how AWESOME this would be!

12. Initially, it appeared like people did not know how to react. 35-year-old PC with the 25-year-old Nick Jonas seemed like an odd pairing. But wait till you see how the tides have turned!

Our desi girl is quite the catch, you know!


On some level, I couldn’t agree more!

 If this doesn’t happen, I’mma be very disappointed. It just fits!

You called it!

Hear hear!

13. However, not everyone agreed to this. Some people just couldn’t digest the age difference or the oddity of the pairing!

While some had a couple of other pairing ideas!

Okay, can’t say that wouldn’t be awesome too!

However, the general consensus was….

And for once, that is something we completely agree with!

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