Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Were In Singapore But Their Cute PDA Was All Over The Place!

If you think about it, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have never really hidden their romance from the public eye. They may not have screamed it from the rooftops. But they haven’t shied away from getting snapped in public or indulging in social media PDA!

Now you know how once a couple is engaged, they get this kind of official license to PDA in the public? Well, their rumoured engagement has definitely made #NickYanka a little more fearless.

Over the weekend, Nick Jonas was slated to perform at the Hyperplay 2018 in Singapore. Guess who was keeping her ‘fiancé’ company for this trip?

ICYMI, Hyperplay is an ASEAN festival that brings together esports and music. Nick Jonas was the grand closing act of this two-day event, and he brought along the perfect cheerleader—Priyanka Chopra!

The two were spotted, clad in coordinated black, at the Singapore airport.

Awwww, did you spot that protective hand-holding?

The couple had some photo op moments with Indonesian singer/actor Afgansyah Reza before Nick’s performance.

Afgan wrote some really sweet things for both Nick and Priyanka and gave them due credits for clicking each others’ pictures with him!

Here’s one with Priyanka Chopra, whom Afgan called “the most humble person I have ever met”!

Finally, it was showtime! Priyanka and Nick were spotted backstage, all smiles and holding hands!

The way she has her arm draped casually over his shoulders! <3

No doubts there that Nick brought the house down with his performance. Lady love PeeCee was right there in the front row to support her man!

Pictures of Priyanka at Nicks concert today in Singapore 🇸🇬

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She even posted a teaser on her Insta stories like a true blue fangirl!

Of course, fans who were present at the show couldn’t help but fawn over how adorable this whole thing was!

Priyanka Chopra played the perfectly supportive (shall I keep using the word) fiancé, taking videos and photos et al!

Then there’s this video here, of Priyanka Chopra dancing to her beau’s song!

A few more glimpses of the couple were captured, like this one video of the lovebirds sitting cozily at a restaurant in Singapore!

What do you know, there might have been a blurry glimpse of the ENGAGEMENT RING too!

You know the one that Nick shut down the Tiffany’s store in NYC for!

There was this one, which probably appears like it was taken after the show….

While the reports of Priyanka and Nick’s engagement has upped the ante on the buzz surrounding this couple, the world awaits with bated breath for either of them to confirm it. Till then, I guess, we’ll just have to manage with this stolen PDA moments!