Pregnant Pakistani Singer Shot Dead For Refusing To Stand Up During Her Performance

Murders, rapes and brutal crimes are somehow becoming more and more gory by the day. Our newspapers are splashed with headlines sensationalising the crime where little boys and girls are being gang-raped, school kids are being murdered inside their own campuses and ‘heinous’ has another meaning altogether.

This incident is sadly no better.

Pakistani singer, Samina Sindhu was shot dead while performing at a wedding. According to reports, she was pregnant and refused to dance which enraged the accused who murdered her in cold blood.

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As per, the man who allegedly shot her was Tarique Ahmed Jatoi. He requested her to stand up during the performance and when she didn’t oblige he took matters into his own hands.

He was allegedly intoxicated and had badgered the victim heavily before shooting her.

The 24-year-old singer was then rushed to the hospital but couldn’t survive due to the extent of her injuries. She was then pronounced dead there. According to Rabwah Times, her husband, Aashiq Ali said,

“Samina declined to dance because she was pregnant. Her refusal enraged the accused who killed her.”

The incident occurred in a village near Larkana in Southern Pakistan. The local police there initially refused to note down the complaint saying that the murder was an ‘accident’.

However, the suspect has now been arrested and a complaint has been lodged against him. The SHO who refused the case has also been suspended for declining to file the complaint.

Samina’s husband says that he wants the first information report to mention that the man committed a double murder: one of the singer and the other of her unborn child.

A video of the incident has cropped up where she is clearly seen singing and then been shot ruthlessly.

The brutal killing of this woman has brought tears to our eyes. We hope justice is served and Samina’s murderers get what they deserve. Rest in peace!