After Vikram Bhatt, Pooja Bedi & Others Side With Sushmita Sen On Being Tagged A ‘Gold-Digger’

When Bollywood actor Sushmita Sen was labeled a ‘gold digger’, it raised a lot of eyebrows. I remember having a conversation with a female friend and she told me, ‘if Sush, who has already proved herself over the years and raised two kids independently, can be labeled so, then common women ka kya he hoga!’


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Having said that, there were a lot of people, including her former partner, Vikram Bhatt who stood by her and rubbished the allegation. Joining him are other Bollywood celebs who opined that it’s ironic to call Sushmita a ‘gold digger’ for she has been financially independent always.

Talking to the Times Of India, the ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander’ actor Pooja Bedi said, “Not that it’s our right to make her choices our scrutiny, but she has dated men across various demographics, be it age or finance or geography.”

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“It’s an ageist, sexist, patriarchal era we are slowly but surely emerging from. Strong, independent, successful, and beautiful women like Sushmita set the stage for progressive change by living life on their own terms and leading the way for other women to follow. She represents the emancipated, empowered Indian woman that we should all admire.”


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Sharing her two cents on the matter, former Bollywood actress Somy Ali said, “Since the time I met and have known Sush, she has been the most intelligent and above all, dedicated her life to being financially independent.”

“She has worked hard which is why she does not need a man to support her, let alone to dig gold out of.”


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Not just Sushmita, earlier Meghan Markle was also called a gold digger after she married Prince Harry. Even Mandana Karimi had to clarify that she spoils herself with her won money after she was tagged the same. Interesting how society has a tag for women for everything they do.

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