After His Dad Died & Mom Left, 10-YO Punjab Boy Sells Rolls To Support Sister & Himself

Jaspreet, a resilient 10-year-old boy residing in New Delhi, faced the heartbreaking loss of his father due to illness. Adding to his challenges, his mother abandoned him and his younger sister, fleeing to Punjab, leaving them under the care of their uncle. Determined to support his family, Jaspreet took on the responsibility of selling various rolls at a roadside food stall in Tilak Vihar. When questioned about his remarkable courage, he simply replied, “I’m the son of Guru Govind Singh. Till I have strength, I’m going to fight.”

Despite the pressure to financially provide for his family, Jaspreet hasn’t left his studies. He continues his education while running the roadside stall in Delhi. A video of him narrating his story has gone viral on social media. Have a look:

People also have been sharing the exact location of his food stall:

As his video started widely circulating online, people from various corners of the country began showering support on him. While some wanted to sponsor his education, others wanted to financially support his family. They highlighted how such struggles are robbing the poor boy of his childhood. However, this boy is a proud one and remains unshaken by his struggle. What is wants is for people to respect his job and show up at his stall to increase the sales.

We hope Jaspreet gets the assistance he rightfully deserves!

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